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This website is dedicated to the textbook Applied Database Management and supplemental resources required to teach or learn with the book. I realize there are many options out there for learning database design and SQL and I thank you in advance for considering my course. The goal of Applied Database Management has always been more than just a textbook, but and entire suite of resources that make it easy for you to teach and learn this subject!

Michael Fudge

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The course takes a hands-on approach to the material. Students will learn important concepts and theories, observe how they are applied, then eventually apply them for themselves. We use the spaced practice approach to expose students to the material several times over the unit to increase comprehension through repetition, explaining the concepts in different ways and using different examples. Each form of practice can be measured by you and the student so that learning is active. Eventually students will have to demonstrate they can apply what they have learned and create their own solutions. This is still considered part of the practice cycle, so feedback should be given so that students can self evaluate their learning.

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